Andy Ngo (Conservative Reporter) Targeted by Isabel Rosa Araujo

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo – who works for The Post Millennial (a conservative Canadian online news magazine) was potentially threatened by transgender activist Isabel Rosa Araujo ( a self described “Antifa Super Soldier”). Isabel is considered an “epic lolcow” on the Encycopedia Dramatica and

Her involvement with extreme leftist politics (maoist, anarchist movements) stretch back a number of years. Her fiery rhetoric and accounts of her comings and goings are frequently posted on her Facebook, Twitter and Mastodon accounts.

Araujo was part of a group of around 20 Antifa in black bloc who confronted a small conservative pro-police rally last Thursday afternoon in downtown Portland. The two sides argued with each other outside the Justice Center before Araujo, who was wearing a gas mask, used bear mace against one of the right-wing protesters.

Isabel spraying a counter-protestor with Bear Mace (2 different angles)

1748605-c45cbf5f72ef2b9a9510ec7dbc4255e5 – Phil 1

1748610-4bd9b0e54b1e6a3c3e6efba33444f418 – Phil 2

Montage of photos and screengrabs from various social media






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