Bolsonaro Expands Gun Ownership in Brazil

BRASILIA, DF, 07.05.2019: Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro (Foto: Renato Costa/FramePhoto/Folhapress) – FramePhoto/Folhapress

Brazilian President Bolsonaro has issued a decree partially relaxing gun control laws that will allow up to 19 million new people in to carry firearms. Among the following groups that will potentially benefit are
politicians, prison officers, police reporters, guardianship counselors, employees of private security and securities transport companies, freelance truck drivers, residents of rural areas, and even certain journalists. Access to high powered firearms, once restricted to security will also be increased. Bolsonaro made a campaign promise to relax gun control laws if elected. However analysts as well as members of Bolsonaro’s government view this with skepticism.

Brazil has a considerably higher firearm death rate than the United States (21.9/100,000 Brazil vs. 12.21/100,000 for the US). Several cities in Brazil including Natal, Fortaleza, Belem, Vitória da Conquista, Maceió, Aracaju,
Feira de Santana, Recife, Salvador, João Pessoa, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Macapá, Campos dos Goytacazes, Campina Grande, Teresina, Vitoria are in the top 50 cities in the world with the highest murder rate.

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