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It was midnight as a distant thunderstorm rumbled above the horizon. In the basement of  a cold gray high rise sat a hideous manufactured clone (aka Sonichu X). Her arms were actually 2 huge steel pliers that were connected to her shoulder with an atificial ball and socket joint.  hungrily feasting on a raw arm of … something. The two large plier like claws made it easy for her to crack the shafts of the forearm and upper arm and feast on the marrow. Sonichu X was actually part Sonichu and part Mecha. She had a startling appearance of flaming orange hair with a yellow demonlike face and beady blue eyes. Wrapped around her body was a sort of green robe with trinkets hanging off of it.  Her legs and feet were wrapped in cloth like a mummy.

A large spider was busy taking advantage of a small pool of blood had dripped on the floor as a result of her gory feast.