Little Mutant Squirrelchu

Little Mutant Squirrelchu is a member of the Sonichu Clan in Gausville. Little Mutant Squirrelchu was a close friend of Sonichu-Gaus and came about as the result of the second splitting of the earthly Sonichu. Little Mutant Squirrelchu was created in a laboratory  in CWCville as a Sonichu clone or helper. 

Dr. James Robillard before he turned evil supervised the laboratory doing the genetic engineering to create Little Mutant Squirrelchu. It was a delicate experiment involving the genetic code from a mutant 3 eyed squirrel and preserved Sonichu eggs that still had viable DNA. Stem cells from various parts of a woman’s fetus were also used. This was done under tight security in the main research laboratory in CWCville. As evidenced from ancient astronauts, there were already portals to the planet Gaus from Earth. It is unclear why this particular clone was created. But it is speculated that he was intended as a helper for Sonichu. How was Little Mutant Squirrelchu transferred to Gaus? It is speculated he went through a secret portal from earth. Why was he transported, possibly there were

Was there a secret portal to Gaus from CWCville? What rabbit holes from CWCville have not yet been discovered? Did Little Mutant Squirrelchu transport to Gaus after or before Sonichu-Gaus? Why was he transported to Gaus?