Rosella The Lavender Wave

Rosechu was heartbroken as she stood beside Sonichu’s sickbed. “Sonichu” she whispered. “Can you hear me?”asked Rosechu. Sonichu barely nodded his head in acknowledgement before slipping back into unconsciousness. She was Sonichu’s partner and kept watch over him. She knew it would be a while before Sonichu would be fully nursed back to health. It was during the evening that Rosechu would have a spiritual experience that would change everything. It was around midnight that Rosechu had drifted off into a deep sleep after an exhausting day. In her dream world, she felt herself floating in an out-of-the-body experience, then felt like she was splitting into two with the other part floating away out of her reach. She didn’t know it, but she was undergoing a divine transformation like Sonichu did earlier.

As her clone continued drifting away, it saw the earth growing smaller and smaller surrounded only by the blackness of outer space and the twinkling of stars. A pinpoint of light shined in on the horizon. Unlike the twinkling of stars, it appeared to grow larger and larger until she was enveloped by light and then by the brightly colored walls of an underground cave. Her arms and legs also began to change. Her legs seemed to melt away and become absorbed into this energy mass beneath her that she was surfing on. Her body continued to transform as she was aware of a large umbrella like hat covering her head. The rest of her body was increasingly less pokemon-like and more manga-like like as her coloring was transformed into a smooth rich lavender color.  Her eyes were a deep blue and the yellow stone on her chest that partly supplied her energy was now brightly glowing.  She still had the memories of her earthly existance that connected her to her earthly Pokemon clone Rosechu. However, from this point forward, she was now known as “Rosella The Lavender Wave” on the planet Gaus with a new purpose in life.

Her transformation complete, Rosella The Lavender Wave emerged triumphant from the underground cave surrounded by great balls of energy and her faithful partner Sonichu-Gaus.

Rosella The Lavender Wave was an angelic like creature on Gaus. She was one of the original characters. She was a mutant-clone and descendant of Rosechu when the DiLenthium Rainbow struck Rosechu. Part Sonichu, part angelic, she lived deep in the caves on Planet Gaus.