The Planet Gaus occupies a unique status in the Milky Way Galaxy as well as being at the center of the world of the Lost Mutant Clones. It is approximately the same size as Earth with similar temperatures and atmospheres and the planet that Sonichu-Gaus and Rosella the Lavender Wave call home. These similarities with earth give it a unique setting for the planet’s biosphere. With a hospitable atmosphere, someone could fly to Gaus and breathe just as comfortably on Gaus as he/she could on Earth. Gaus is a part of a system of bizarre planets that also include Sarcasia Blue and the Planet Chloro58.

Known as the misfit planet, Gaus is populated by various misfits and mutants who chose to immigrate or who were cast off here. It’s a crazy planet but it’s their planet and it’s the place they call home in both the populated and uninhabited areas.

Sonichu-Gaus – The other Sonichu that had drifted away was in a state resembling suspended animation. This Sonichu clone was in something akin to an embryo in a fluid-filled  womb. Memories of  the  “Old Sonichu”  beforehand slowly drifted away into a distant hazy memory of the past. Sonichu’s physical body was being broken down like a caterpillar in a cocoon, but later it would be reassembled again.

His limbs were phantom limbs but would soon acquire a physical existence. His eyes were sightless and he could not let speak, but he would soon gain these functions.  For now Sonichu-Gaus communicated with the powers above via his thoughts. Speech for the time being was not necessary. This was intentionally guided by above rather than the mindless evolution of the evolved clones. However his body gradually began to take shape in preparation for the new life he would have on Planet Gaus. Sonichu-Gaus was nothing at all like the earthly Sonichu. In fact, he was more akin to a Sonic-like character than anything else. But nonetheless he was here on the edge of a series of new adventures. Because he was a created clone rather than an evolved clone, he had the memories of his previous life. As evidence of him being a created clone rather than an evolved clone of Sonichu, he was created with the memories of his previous life. However, it did not go the other way around. The earthly Sonichu would not have any future memories of Sonichu-Gaus. For now, Sonichu-Gaus would be a part of a whole league of clones with a special mission on Gaus.

His body now began to coalesce and now began feeling the phantom limbs gradually filling out into real ones. Other senses such as vision and speech also started coming together. As he continued to develop, he felt the bits and pieces of his body gradually coming together. He was aware that he was in some kind of a roomy womb or cocoon. In actuality, he was in a protected cave underground being watched over by the other members that included a lavender-colored creature with large floppy ears, something that looked like a colorful flying insect such as a bee or moth and a somewhat mischievous but friendly female kawaii angel with wings. These members along with Sonichu – Gaus’ soon to be partner (Rosella the Lavender Wave) would be at the original core of the Gausian League. However, there would be many more that would join.