The Craquelure Planet- Sarcasia Blue

Craquelure Planet- Sarcasia Blue

Sarcasia Blue is also known as the “Craquelure Planet” because of its textured surface is a rather barren and unstable planet compared to Gaus. This is the second planet in the “Misfit Planet” series. It is a somewhat desolate place compared to Gaus. It’s rugged and often unstable surface make it difficult to transverse. There are a few settlements at the equator and in the warmer temperate zones near the equator but the areas closer to the poles are seen as being too inhospitable for any permanent settlements.

Sarcasia Blue’s distinctive feature is an oceanic belt that encircles the equator. Small tributaries, lakes, and rivulets extend from the equator to approximately 40 to 45 degrees latitude halfway towards the poles. Thick forests encircle the equatorial zone near the ocean. These forests give way to grassland and patchy vegetation and finally a dry, rocky, and cracked barren surface the closer you go towards the poles. This surface is criss-crossed with geologic formations, miniature caves and the occasional mountain range with minerals that glisten in the sunlight during daytime hours. Small scattered volcanoes dot the ranges with frequent seismic activity. The tropical weather on the equator is responsible for frequent stormy weather in the humid zone.

Chapter 14: Craquelure Planet- Sarcasia Blue
Chapter 14: Craquelure Planet- Sarcasia Blue

Sarcasia Blue has been used as a disposal of sorts on very rare occasions near the volcanic areas where the molten lava and high temperatures have “recycled” (in a manner of speaking some of the disposed metal and electronic materials). Away from the volcanic areas, the sparsely populated surface evokes a solitude that attracts visitors on occasion to temporarily “get away from it all” with a sense of privacy.