China’s Little Shop of Horrors

I’ve been taking an interest in Kyrgyzstan recently. There has been a recent project by China in Kyrgyzstan that was cancelled after protests by locals who viewed it as a land grab by its giant neighbor.

I am not entirely convinced that the perceived land grab was the sole reason for the resentment against China. Given that Kyrgyzstan is approximately 88% Muslim and documents about China’s little shop of horrors inside those camps have been leaked, it would not be unreasonable that China’s war against Islam would leave the locals revolted and frightened by China’s actions against its native Uighurs.

What is particularly sickening is that Saudi Arabia supports China’s actions in the name of “curbing extremism”. What is needed is a strict boycott against China by the Organization of Islamic Conference and indeed all members of the global community and public pressure by publishing the leaked documents in the major newspapers to send a clear message that this sort of cultural genocide has no place in a civilized society.

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