Laboratory of Evil: Page 1

In a forgotten area in the rainforest of the Congo Basin are the scattered remains of an abandoned settlement. It is an isolated and placid refuge that the government would like forgotten. Once used as a secret research facility by the notorious Dr. Theodore Kazenick Kintobor and associates. This is the region that Sharkey (the genetically engineered landshark) calls home.

Our story starts in CWCville He was a corrupt scientist who used to reside in CWCville. He was associated with Dr. James Robillard and an evil Sonichu clone. It was in a secret laboratory years ago chatting with his associate James Robilliard and Sonichu X. “They don’t understand us and never will”, said Kintobar. “Well, I really don’t give a damn if they understand or not. What we are doing is groundbreaking but I cannot do it in CWCville. I have to be someplace private and isolated where I can grease some palms with some dash money and be left alone. I have some friends in high places who recommended that I do this in the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). As long as I don’t poke my nose in their political affairs or their business, they will leave me alone.”

“We have an inventory of all the equipment. I am finding out about getting it shipped out”. “Did you get the eggs Sonichu X?”  said Robillard. “Yes I did” said Sonichu X. “One of the technicians at the main research laboratory had a sizeable gambling debt that threatened to totally ruin him.” “So I told him if he could get what I needed I would take care of it.” I was able to get the frozen semen samples.