December 1, 2020

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s Complicated Relationship

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Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin: The headline of the day is the big question: Did Trump coordinate with operatives in Russia to release information that was damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

The information is enough to raise eyebrows suggesting coordination may have taken place though nothing is conclusive yet. What we do know is that the Trump administration has some pretty significant links to the Russian Government and/or Russian businesses. Four former campaign associates are being investigated.

Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin
Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin

Is Trump  starting to imitate Putin’s autocratic style? There are some subtle signs that he is. However, for the time being we are not in any danger of losing our freedoms and liberties. However, Putin’s influence is worrying, 1999 was the last year Yeltsin was in office. Since then, Freedom House has monitored a slow but steady decline in the political and civil liberties under Putin’s administration.

Not only does it concern the deterioration of civil rights and liberties enjoyed by the majority, it is also a matter of concern among minorities. The civil rights and tolerance of the GLBT community has sharply deteriorated under Putin’s rule. In February, Putin signed into law a bill that decriminalized most instances of domestic violence. Not only is this happening in Russia but the civil and political liberties in the Russian held Crimea have also gone south. Perhaps it’s time to start listening more to those Anti-Trump protesters concerning this Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin connection.

Freedom in the World: Russia 1999 – 2017

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