Orme Carbonating Company

Orme Carbonating Co.-Walter J. Orme was a bottler in Providence. He was listed as an apprentice in 1903. He partnered with Robert Turbitt in 1904 to create Turbitt & Orme. This partnership lasted until 1911. Walter then created the Orme Carbonating Co. It was at 60 E. George St. from 1911-18. The address was 74 East George St. in 1919-1936. They were bottling ginger ale in 1922. Fred J. Orme (1880-1943) was the manager in 1923. William A. Orme (1883-1955) was also working for the company that year. Walter moved to Woonsocket in 1917. William A. Orme was the owner in 1918-1934. In 1935 Walter Bruckshaw was the leesee. In 1936 it became the Orme Beverage Co., and was owned by John F. Orme. In 1938 the Orme Beverage Co. (John F. Orme) and the Orme Carbonating Co. (William A. Orme) were listed at the same address.(1911-1938) beverage co. time not includedBIM crown top, ABM crown top