John Walker Lindh

John Walker Lindh the “American Taliban” has been released from federal prison on Thursday May 23rd after spending 17 years of his 20 year prison sentence. He received 3 years off for good behavior and will spend that time on supervised parole with some pretty strict conditions attached. He will be residing near Alexandria, VA. Any internet use has to be monitored. Even though he is fluent in Arabic, he is required to communicate in English. He must seek mental health counseling and is prohibited from reading or watching material that reflects “extremist views”. What would be considered “extremist” from the perspective of the conditions of his parole is anyone’s guess but I would venture to say that the best definition of moderation is let us agree to disagree. Moderation means you remain conscious of the other person’s human rights and his/her connection to the rest of humanity. At this point, I am not sure if Mr. Lindh will ever be able to resume a normal life in the US after being forever branded the American Taliban. Mr. Lindh applied for and received Irish Citizenship while in prison. However, he will not be able to immigrate until his parole is up.If this comes to pass that he will forever be ostracized and not able to integrate back into society, then it would certainly be in our interests for him to immigrate to Ireland for a fresh start and put this dark side behind him.

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