December 1, 2020

Chapter 1 In the Beginning: Prehistoric Gaus

In the beginning, the misfit solar system did not exist. There was only emptiness among the distant stars and the lifeless cold darkness seemed to stretch out to the far reaches of the universe without end.  However, behind the scenes, there was an invisible being; the ultimate first cause who had no beginning and no end and who was the ultimate decision-maker.  However, even in this desolate area, things were happening beneath the surface. Small quarks and particles were being created in another dimension that was unknowable and inconceivable to what we would experience in our present state of existence. These small particles would appear and disappear unknown to anyone except the invisible hand behind the scenes.

It started out like vibrations beneath the surface with invisible particles coming together and breaking apart, and creating waves that were barely perceptible on the surface. The tiniest pinpoint of light was the only thing that gave it away. It would flicker on and off as though it were controlled by an invisible light switch. This small pinpoint of light gradually became a steady pulsating rhythm of increasing and decreasing in intensity. Slowly but noticeably, it began growing. As it continued growing it gradually grew in intensity as its pulsating rhythm came to resemble that of a beating heart. As the rhythm grew more intense, it slowly continued to expand in size. Then just when it was at its apogee with the rhythm, there was an explosion that sent out streams of intense white and colored light. As the white light subsided into the darkness, two wildly moving figures gradually became visible in the remnants of the explosion. Two dragons of energy representing two primordial elements fire and ice (the ice on top and the fire below) snarled and snapped at each other as one tried to destroy the other in a continual battle of teeth and jaws. Pulsating layers of energy and color wrapped around each other like overlapping blankets protecting a white hot center. Beating like a giant heart, this cocoon like structure at the center appeared to give sustenance to the two dragons that were fighting each other.

Finally after a fierce battle, the two dragons grabbed each other by the neck and sink their fangs in. Thrashing wildly, they struggled holding on to each other while screaming and roaring. After rocking to and fro over the battle, they gradually started to spinning around. It was erratic and slow at first. But they kept on spinning faster and faster as they were still struggling. As they continued spinning, the energy blankets gradually expanded until the spinning dragons were totally enveloped. As the spinning mass increased in speed, the enveloped dragons appeared to liquefy and spin into a blur losing their distinct form. The entire mass of fiery hot spinning matter became almost liquid-like as it took on the appearance of some kind of a swollen cosmic balloon that was at the point of bursting spilling its contents. The skin of this balloon was stretched tight and appeared to be straining holding its contents inside as it heaved expanding and contracting.

Then suddenly,  like a balloon that was squeezed too far, the entire cosmic mass burst open as the contents of the white hot center was violently thrust from the center into the dark icy universe. The burning debris scattered from the center was composed mainly of scattered dust, rock, gases, plasma, and water which immediately boiled and then froze into ice in the cold darkness of space. The contents after being violently thrown from center continued its journey outward. However, as gravity set in, some of the contents began slowly clumping together over the course of endless ages.

It was a slow moving show that would last for millions of years as the misfit solar system moved into the next phase. For the time being, there was only a peaceful emptiness with only the universe the laws guiding it and the lifeless stars that were already present like it was in the beginning. It was well before the beginning of life, moral decisions and the existence of good and evil.  Even the battling dragons were destined to destruction and oblivion after they had fulfilled the purpose in what they were created for.

After the explosion, the universe was littered with the remnants of the exploded dragons (dust, ice, rocks, gas). To the untrained eye, it was just an ugly chaotic swill-filled universe.  However, as rocks and debris began crashing into each other, they began to form clouds of dust and debris. At first the cloud was just a random assortment of dust and debris. But as clouds increased in size, gravity began to take over. Small currents and patterns began to emerge as the debris began to separate itself out like small sub-currents in a lazily flowing river being pulled toward this and that. Buoyed by space, rocks and ice occasionally banged into one another, sometimes shattering, sometimes sticking together.

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