Buffalo Cube

Up in the heavens, an adversary was watching. He remembered him. He remembered his experiments, he remembered his cruelty in the jungle. From the tips of his ivory and brown buffalo horns down to his wide nostrils, he was determined to take him down. The other five sides of the cube fed energy into the side with his embedded face and horns and on occasion he changed to a bright golden color.  Buffalo Cube was a silent partner of Sonichen and Sonichu.

















Buffalo Cube was not a native of Gaus but was a frequent visitor. While there was no definitive evidence, there were a few rumors that he was the one who intervened when Sonichu was attacked back in Virginia. Buffalo Cube’s thoughts slid back to his battle with Kintobor. With those terrible horns and searing energy, Buffalo Cube saw to it that Kintobor paid for his sins against humanity.