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In a forgotten area in the rainforest of the Congo Basin are the scattered remains of an abandoned settlement. It is an isolated and placid refuge that the government would like forgotten. Once used as a secret research facility This is the region that Sharkey calls home. It seemed be an area that was lost in time.  There 

Sharkey was a placid four-legged landshark a descendent of a deeply buried and forgotten past. For the most part, he subsisted on vegetation with occasional insects. His closest friends were Champron and Meeu. Champron was a gray colored Sonichu mutant who was also part of the forgotten past. He was a large two-headed Sonichu clone who was actually quite easygoing despite his imposing appearance.

Champron was also friendly with a large group of chimpanzees who lived nearby in the rainforests of the Congo Basin. Covered with lush vegetation with nearby caves, this was the area that Champron and Sharkey called home. It was unknown what was in the caves but legend has it there are possibly old records that have not yet been discovered.

It was a warm and breezy afternoon as Sharkey had just walked by a pond in a clearing and spotted Champron a short distance off. “Hey Champ come take a look at this,” said Sharkey. Champ came walking over and noticed the unusual object on the ground. “What is it”, he asked Sharkey? ” I honestly don’t know”, replied Sharkey. ” “It looks like some kind of crystal or red gemstone. I just happened to notice it sitting on the ground” said Sharkey. “Maybe we could poke around in one of the caves”, suggested Champron. Sharkey agreed and him and Champrom saw the main entrance and wandered in. The entrance was deceptive. Once your were inside it spread out to an area much larger than you would think going through the entrance.  While they were not aware of it at the time. It was once a portal between Earth and Gaus. The connections between the two planets were more extensive than a lot of people thought. Stalacites hung down from the ceiling. The main passage gently sloped downward towards the interior of the cave.

The interior of the cave went deeper and deeper through a series of levels. At a certain point underground,  a unique underground world unlike any other would start to open up with microscopic organisms long thought to be extinct thriving in the underground pools and streams.

“Hey Champ, have any of the chimpanzees you are friendly with gone exploring into the caves?”, asked Sharkey.

“The chimpanzee clan I am friendly with, sometimes wanders a little bit past the entrance  but not much further. Usually they do it sometimes in search of food such as insects near the entrance. But no it’s not anything like going deep into the network for the sake of exploration.” replied Champron. “What about any of your friends Sharkey?”, asked Champron. “There are a few friends I know of who have gone exploring a little bit here. I know a few natives who are interested in this. There were a couple of relics that a few of the natives picked up. But I have a feeling a lot more are buried. Some of the people living nearby have oral accounts that have been passed down about this place. But I would like to see if there are some others we can get together to do some exploring.