Chapter 1: Introduction to the Sonichu Clan

The Sonichu Clan goes back a long way in Virginia with the original ancestors settling in the 1700s. They were later joined by a few survivors from dying Saponi Tribe which became extinct by the end of the 18th century.  It is a complex mixture of characters (both related and unrelated) that are bound together by blood, mutant clones, and common interest and identity. It is made all the more complicated by the fact that some of the Sonichu mutants are part of the Slaweel Clan (which is their arch-adversary).

By the 1800s, the Blue Ridge Mountains (which run through the western part of the state) was dotted with Sonichu settlements. They comprised a loose network of sorts throughout the Commonwealth. The inhabitants of the Sonichu settlements were part of a larger sub-group known as the Mountain Pokemons which comprised an important network throughout the state. There were outliers from this subgroup which extended into West Virginia and Kentucky and were reportedly involved in the infamous Hatfield-McCoy Feud.

Scattered among mountain range were places known as the “Salt Hills” which were scattered outcrops compose of minerals, igneous rocks such as granite, and rock salt. These “Salt Hills” were scattered about throughout the entire range and it was rumored there were magical transport portals to the planet Gaus.

Currently, the Grand Matriarch and Patriarch are the ultimate head of household of the entire Sonichu Clan. The immediate members are the  two brothers and one sister of Sonichu as well as two sisters of Rosechu. These include the following: Wild Sonichu (Sonichu’s first Brother) Bubbles Rosechu (Rosechu’s first sister), Angelica Rosechu (Rosechu’s second sister), Punchy Sonichu (Sonichu’second brother), Magi-chan Sonichu (Sonichu’s first sister).

After the immediate members are the clones