Chapter 6: The Dinosaur Battle

Sonichu – Flames shot up from inside a building belching a pall of smoke hung over Cwcville, Virginia.  A horrified crowd of people were watching the ensuing battle.


Unfortunately, Sonichu was on the losing end of the fight as he gradually grew weaker from being tossed around like a ragdoll. His demise seemed all but inevitable as he tried battling a small but stout and very muscular dinosaur-like adversary


“That monster is manhandling him into oblivion,” said one observer. “Why the hell isn’t someone able to do something?”, said another.


Suddenly when all hope seemed lost, an extraordinary meteorite with a rare transgabriel element flew down and exploded just above them enveloping both of them. The battle was over.

His body coalesced and realized he lay helpless beside the ravaged building. Sonichu slowly open one eye and got a small glimpse of his surroundings with his sides heaving in and out amid the rubble. Beside him was a lifeless figure that perfumed the air with blood and feces as flies buzzed around. Its body was battered with bite marks covering it. A mangled limb had been torn from its socket.

As he slipped in and out of a dreamlike state, Sonichu was vaguely aware of being lifted by several people and being carried to safety. A cloud of acrid smoke hung in the air over Cwcville. “What…..?” croaked Sonichu in a hoarse voice.

“You were bashed unconscious by the monster’s tail. We thought you disappeared after that explosion. But we saw you lying on the pavement and carried you away from there as soon as possible. There was nothing that could be done for your brother. I am truly sorry for your loss.”

Sonichu closed his eyes grieving silently.

Laying in bed from the from the safety of a makeshift safe house, he slipped in and out of consciousness with a grieving Rosechu by his side. Rosechu glanced out the window from time to time at the wrecked building and the pathway the monster took leaving CWCville.

Shortly after it left, some of the residents were talking softly among themselves. “What the heck was that thing?” someone asked? “It looked like some kind of dinosaur.” someone else answered.

Deep in the woods there was another silent visitor watching. It was one of the strangest creatures you could imagine. The clone was known as a Myclochu (i.e. a mushroom type Sonichu clone). Its appearence was quite startling even frightening to some. So it kept a very low profile. However appearances were deceiving. This was an ally of Sonichu behind the scenes. The Myclochus lived in the wooded areas surrouding CWCville.

“It happened again”, said Menchelik to his friend. “Where did the dinosaur come from?” asked ——–. Was this “Slaweel’s work?” he asked. “No, this was not Slaweel.”, replied Menchelik. They quietly watched the dinosaur trek through the woods into the vegetation. “Let’s follow it quietly. I want to know where it came from.” said Menchelik. Deep in the woods, they came upon some craggy vertical cliffs on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains.

Back at the safe house, Sonichu was slowly being nursed back to health. His strength was exhausted and for now, he was on a regiment of rest, gentle exercise, and a special diet for his physical strength.  He was also dealing with psychological issues (i.e the trauma of the battle PTSD), but for now it was primarily time that would heal his battered body. However, it still burned through Sonichu’s mind on how that monster came to be. Was it something unleashed by one of his enemies? Was it the result of the dimensional merge with Earth and Gaus? His mind wanted answers, but for now, that would have to wait.