Chapter 8: The Dimensional Merge

The orbit of Gaus was erratic due to its sun which had drifted towards the Solar System and brought Gaus and Earth closer and closer to each other. They were actually sister planets having been formed at the same time from one giant lump of rock, dust, gases and water. The giant spinning mass bulged at the equator from the centrifugal force and finally ripped apart as one section flew away into space. As the planets drew closer and closer, the Dimensional Merge started to take place. It was first noticed in the oceans as the gravitational pull from Gaus formed a large traveling hump of water from the gravitational pull of both planets.  The magnetic centers of the two planets forces of the two planets straining at each other created an upheavel never seen before. Even the meteorites that came within Earth’s orbit were being thrown off course.

The gravitational pull had not gone unnoticed by the secret chambers within the planet, and it started activating the Transgabriel elements within the planet. Volcanic forces started deep within the planet. As the two planets passed particularly close to one another the surfaces of the planet could endure no more. On the Planet Gaus, the fountains of the deep from various portals began to open up releasing various energy streams towards Earth. These energy streams began to charge various hidden places on Earth. As the two planets continued their orbital face off, from high above, The Deity put his mark upon the two planets. As he drew his finger across the sky, a silver streak came into being that grew larger and brighter as it appeared to fall out of space and finally reach the outer sky above Earth and Gaus where it danced like an offshoot of the Northern Lights before finally fading away. It was the Divine Mark that would forever link Earth with its sister planet.

It was during the Dimensional Merge that chaos was sweeping over the earth and CWcville. By this time Gaus had pretty much evolved into its present form. Above the skyline in Central Virginia, the sky was blazing in a northern lights display in contrast to the havoc that was tearing apart the city of CWCville below. Things hidden had been released to the detriment of CWCville and Sonichu. Flames shot up from inside a building belching a pall of smoke hung over Cwcville, Virginia.  A horrified crowd of people were watching the ensuing battle as Sonichu was being tossed around like a ragdoll literally having the life being beaten out of him. His demise seemed all but inevitable as he tried battling a small but stout and very muscular dinosaur-like adversary.

“That monster is manhandling him into oblivion,” said one observer. “Why the hell isn’t someone able to do something?”, said another. Suddenly when all hope seemed lost, an extraordinary meteorite with a rare transgabriel element flew down and exploded just above them enveloping both of them. The battle was over and in all likelihood saved his life.

  • The Splitting

The first thing Sonichu realized was that he felt he was floating like plasma in a sea of blackness in a dreamlike state where time almost stood still. He could not see, move, or feel anything as he lay in a state of suspended animation. He was vaguely aware of his body splitting in two and having the other self drift slowly away. This out of the body experience seemed to last forever. In reality, it lasted only a few minutes. After the other self had drifted completely away, the earthly Sonichu had a falling sensation that brought him back to reality.

His body coalesced and realized he lay helpless beside the ravaged building. Sonichu slowly open one eye and got a small glimpse of his surroundings with his sides heaving in and out amid the rubble. Beside him was a lifeless figure that perfumed the air with blood and feces as flies buzzed around. Its body was battered with bite marks covering it. A mangled limb had been torn from its socket. As he slipped in and out of a dreamlike state, Sonichu was vaguely aware of being lifted by several people and being carried to safety. A cloud of acrid smoke hung in the air over Cwcville. “What…..?” croaked Sonichu in a hoarse voice. “You were bashed unconscious by the monster’s tail. We thought you disappeared after that explosion. But we saw you lying on the pavement and carried you away from there as soon as possible. There was nothing that could be done for your brother. I am truly sorry for your loss.” Sonichu closed his eyes grieving silently.

Laying in bed from the from the safety of a makeshift safe house, he slipped in and out of consciousness with a grieving Rosechu by his side. Rosechu glanced out the window from time to time at the wrecked building and the pathway the monster took leaving CWCville. Shortly after it left, some of the residents were talking softly among themselves. “What the heck was that thing?” someone asked? “It looked like some kind of dinosaur.” someone else answered.

Deep in the woods there was another silent visitor watching. It was one of the strangest creatures you could imagine. The clone was known as a Myclochu (i.e. a mushroom type Sonichu clone). Its appearence was quite startling even frightening to some. So it kept a very low profile. However appearances were deceiving. This was an ally of Sonichu behind the scenes. The Myclochus lived in the wooded areas surrouding CWCville.

“It happened again”, said Menchelik to his friend. “Where did the dinosaur come from?” asked ——–. Was this “Slaweel’s work?” he asked. “No, this was not Slaweel.”, replied Menchelik. They quietly watched the dinosaur trek through the woods into the vegetation. “Let’s follow it quietly. I want to know where it came from.” said Menchelik. Deep in the woods, they came upon some craggy vertical cliffs on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains.

The Dimensional Merge was still in progress as the sky writhed with orange bands of lights. As suddenly as the monster appeared, it was over. A fountain of energy shot upward from the ground and the dinosaur was no more.