Chapter 8a: The Dimensional Merge – The Vomiting Planet

As the planets drew closer and closer, the Dimensional Merge started to take place. The powerful gravitational pull of Gaus was having a profound effect on the oceans and weather. The difference between high tide and low tide became greatly exaggerated as the water seemed to be sucked from the beach out to sea. As the gravitational pull from Gaus intensified, a giant hump of water hundreds of miles across traveled around the planet. The water’s surface was in turmoil as it violently roiled with globules of seawater breaking loose and disintegrating into a fine mist as columns began rising up thousands of feet and then returning back down as brief but violent downpours from the squall lines that developed then fell apart as they drifted out of the zone of influence. Meteorites from above were becoming difficult to predict where they would land.

As  the magnetic centers of the two planets drew closer, the Dimensional Merge continued intensifying. The gravitational pull began making itself manifest in the secret chambers inside the planet and started activating the Transgabriel elements buried within.  Volcanic eruptions started showing the effects as plumes of lava and smoke climbed skyward forming giant columns expanding upward. As the Dimensional Merge continued to intensify, the turmoil on the Gausian surface would reach its peak. The magical fountains of the deep from various portals on Gaus began to open up releasing various energy streams towards Earth. These energy streams lit up the heavens above with a brilliant display and began charging various hidden portals on Earth. At the height of the Dimensional Merge, The Deity put his mark upon the two planets. As he drew his finger across the sky, a silver streak came into being that grew larger and brighter as it appeared to fall out of space and finally reach the outer sky above Earth and Gaus where it danced like an offshoot of the Northern Lights before finally fading away. It was the Divine Mark that would forever link Earth with its sister planet.

As Sonichu and Rosechu were walking outside, observing this, the sky above them began roiling underneath and created a sort of invisible wave that swept along the ground engulfing everything in its path, but for the most part changing nothing except for two entities holding hands walking outside.

The first thing Sonichu realized was that he felt he was floating like plasma in a sea of blackness in a dreamlike state where time almost stood still. He could not see, move, or feel anything as he lay in a state of suspended animation. He was vaguely aware of his body splitting in two and having the other self drift slowly away. This out of the body experience seemed to last forever. In reality, it lasted only a few minutes. After the other self had drifted completely away, the earthly Sonichu had a falling sensation that brought him back to reality.

Sonichu-Gaus – The other Sonichu that had drifted away was in a state resembling suspended animation. This Sonichu clone was in something akin to an embryo in a fluid-filled  womb. Memories of  the  “Old Sonichu”  beforehand slowly drifted away into a distant hazy memory of the past. Sonichu’s physical body was being broken down like a caterpillar in a cocoon. His limbs were phantom limbs but would soon acquire a physical existence. His eyes were sightless and he could not let speak, but he would soon gain these functions.  For now Sonichu-Gaus communicated with the powers above via his thoughts. Speech for the time being was not necessary. This was intentionally guided by above rather than the mindless evolution of the evolved clones. However  his body gradually began to take shape in preparation for his new life. His limbs and body came together.  Sonichu-Gaus was enclosed in a time capsule unknown to the outside world. He would soon be joined by his companion.

Rosella The Lavender Wave – Rosechu had also been caught up in the same wave that engulfed Sonichu.  Rosechu also experienced a state of suspended animation very similar to that of Sonichu’s.