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The lost mutant clones of the Planet Gaus have several starting points: Sonichu’s original battle, the Pony Mutants(My Little Pony), a failed, sick endeavor (Dr. Theodore Kazenick Kintobor), and portals between Gaus and Earth via CWCville, gradual rise of civilizations, kingdoms and countries on the Planet Gaus. It was after the evoluton of mammals that the Dimensional Merge came to happen. There had been a connection

Clonal development was closely tied to the gradual evolution of the planet and its lifeforms and magical and geographical development. These were the oldest clones. Like the evolution of prehistoric lifeforms on earth, most of them died out. However others slowly developed and through evolution, gene mixing and magick(i.e. influence of the TransGabriel Elements) some of these were incorporated  into some of the modern clones on Planet Gaus.

The present-day clones would arise through native evolution as well as migration and banishment from other planets. Clones that were banished from other planets would sometimes band together and give rise to a new and unique population. This population would sometimes increase in size and then have smaller subgroups that would break off from it and go their separate ways. This could happen suddenly or gradually over a period of time through natural differences that inevitably occur.
Probably the best known of the groups of mutants that migrated to the Planet Gaus are the Sonichu Mutants and the Pony Mutants. The Sonichu Mutants arose out of CWCville while the Pony Mutants arose out of mutant clones of MLP (My Little Pony). Several of the other mutants were descendants of a ramshackle laboratory and a failed, sick dream (i.e Dr. Theodore Kazenick Kintobor). The story behind each of these groups could be a world unto itself. Some of these took place via the portal linking Gaus to Earth and the city of CWCville.

Before the evolution of the present-day mutants, there were the old ones who slowly evolved from the young planet after the Ombryo (i.e. the original garden shrunk and died off). However, the life forms did not simply die off and the biosphere of Gaus fade into oblivion. It was part of the evolution-devolution cycle in nature. It was only natural that systems of lifeforms gradually rise up, reach a certain point, then devolve back down the cycle to gradually become extinct. Even as the Ombryo gradually died off, smaller systems and sub=systems gradually arose taking the place of the dying Ombryo. Simple colonies of the creatures in the original tropical garden began coming together to evolve into more complex colonies and organisms.

Just what was it in Antebellum Cwcville. The Reldnahc Tablets. At 45,000 people, the city of Cwcville covered about 15 square miles and sprawled out in all directions. Christine (the mayor of Cwcville) and Sonichu stood by the ruins of a dilapidated shack having stumbled upon an abandoned landfill. Her intuition told her to start digging and it was not long until something of interest caught her eye.

As Sonichu-Gaus walked along in the forest, a volcano rumbled in the distance. Little did he know there was someone watching him. Sonichu-Gaus was on a search for the rare crystals and there were rumors they were hidden in the somewhere in the caves of the Ice Mountain range. The Yettichus were familiar with this area. Sonichu-Gaus was deep in thought when he happened to notice the floppy-eared purple creature that happened to jump out from some covering.
Why “hi there” he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen you around here before. You certainly look preoccupied.” Sonichu-Gaus was a little taken back by the floppy-eared figure with large hands at the end of each of the two ears. He stood on gray feet with the rest of his body an intense lavender color with a broad smile. However, appearances were deceiving. Those two floppy arms were surprisingly strong despite their floppy appearance.
“Do you live here?” asked Sonichu-Gaus. “Yes I do,” replied the floppy-eared lavender figure. “I live in the forest around the mountains with the Yettichus.” “My name is Sonichu-Gaus” replied Sonichu-Gaus. My distant clones were Sonichu and Rosechu in Cwcville, Virginia. “Ah, so you are one of the mutant clones. My name is Gondor. The Yettichus here are also distant descendants of the Sonichu and Rosechu. There are many mutant clones on Planet Gaus,” replied Gondor.
“Yes, so I’ve heard” replied Sonichu-Gaus. Some of them were reportedly descendants of the Kintobor epic after his laboratory went down in flames.
“You are on a quest for the magic crystals and the lost records. Come, I must introduce you to Rosella the Lavender Wave. She might be able to help you”, replied Gondor.

Something about that tugged at his memory but he could not quite figure out what it was.  He followed Gondor deep in the forest in the shadow of the Ice Mountains.