Chapter 2: Origins of Life on Gaus

On the surface of the young planet, the storms continued their daily assault. The numerous lightning flashes added another player to the evolution of life on Gaus as amino acids and other chemicals rained down into the ocean. However, Planet Gaus was also a spiritual center as well. It was about this time that magical and energy streams began to make themselves manifest slowly evolving out of the chaos of the primitive world encircling the entire planet.  The self-directed magical and energy streams slowly flowed upon the bottom of the oceans and lakes. Every so often the  head of the stream would react with the chemical soup and produce little flashes like underwater lightning. as the energy stream continued its relentless advance, chemical molecules got rolled over, pummeled, broken up, and mashed together. At the very smallest molecular and atomic levels, particles would disappear and reappear. At the interaction between the energy streams and the outside environment, a new kind of particle arose. this particle was hungry for the chemical soup in which it arose and attracted towards similar particles that arose. These particles soon clumped together to form chemical eating crystalline structures. The threshold between absolute non-life and semi-life had now been crossed. As more and more of these crystalline structures developed, some of them would settle to the bottom while others floated among the deep sea currents. Even though the planet was still young, the volcanic activity had at least settled down to a relatively stable surface that was conducive to the beginning of life and its evolution forward.

As the oceans continued to grow, lakes and crevices in the ocean caused underground lakes of a primordial soup to accumulate. In these unique environments, evolution kicked into high gear as virus like particles and finally primitive bacteria started to evolve. The planet Gaus had now crossed the threshold for supporting life. In isolated shallow pools exposed to sunlight, colonies of plant-like cells were starting to come together. The shallow lakes became a rich colony of primitive aquatic plants along with the organisms that fed on them. Primitive multi-cellular life forms were also evolving.