Transgendered Puppetmaster and Anarchist Erica Crooks Posts PSA on YouTube.

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Transgendered anarchist puppetmaster Erica Crooks posted a YouTube video containing footage from previous episodes of the Erica Crooks show which aired on Rhode Island public television years ago. The video which is slightly under four and a half minutes was posted as an “Internet Freedom Public Service Announcement” against the dark forces of “Internet Capitalism“. It is implied that there are a small shadowy group of the wealthy that control the internet which is intent on destroying the rights and freedoms of ordinary content creators via trolling and cyberbullying. The statements below were taken from her PSA video.

Why is Internet Freedom And fighting for it so important ?

Content creators and users use the internet The internet shouldn’t be using people

The advancement of the internet and technology helps humanity in all areas of life.

Unfortunately those in power want to use it ( to * replace with arrow * ) for evil.

They reinforce BULLYING

They destroy fandom , fair use and Free Speech and Expression

They promised you fame and fortune

They lie to you all the time because they think the masses are stupid !

They only care about money and power over you


Evil uses all forms of violence , to control you , to dominate you, to trust them, to slave you, to get away with whatever they want

If the rich replaces content creators it will be mainstream media

You won’t stand for toxic people in your life … right ?


Platforms come and go all the time Who will be next in line ! ( switch to ? )

We need better replacements that are user friendly !

Use technology NOT PEOPLE !


Content Creators Against Internet Capitalism The Internet is Nothing Without it’s users ! Don’t Let Them Use You !

Erica Crooks maintains a fairly large social presence on the internet. Her main site is:

Erica Crooks leans towards the far left on the political spectrum:

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