December 1, 2020

Trump Orders Military Strike in Syria

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President Trump has just bombed the military base near Homs, Syria with 50 to 60 Tomahawk missiles. This was a narrow-directed strike in response to the possible chemical attack by Assad. It was reported that Trump was deeply affected by images of Syrian children injured in the Gas attack.


We had warned the Russians in advance that we would conduct an air strike to minimize casualties on the Russian side. Russia asserted the deaths resulted from a gas released when a regime airstrike hit a “terrorist” chemical weapons factory on the ground. However, witnesses being treated in a hospital right across the Turkish border testified that they saw bombs dropped from the sky.

Here is what we know: Hundreds suffered symptoms consistent with reaction to a nerve agent after what the opposition and Western powers said was a Syrian government air strike on the area. Witnesses and activists say warplanes attacked Khan Sheikhoun, about 50km (30 miles) south of the city of Idlib, early on 4 April, when many people were asleep.

President Bashar al-Assad (the President of Syria) said the incident was fabricated, while his ally Russia said an air strike hit a rebel depot full of chemical munitions. However, according to a witness a 14-year-old teenager (Mariam Abu Khalil) who was awake, told the New York Times that she had seen an aircraft drop a bomb on a one-storey building. According to what she recalled, the explosion sent a yellow mushroom cloud into the air that stung her eyes. “It was like a winter fog,” she said. She immediately sought shelter in her house, but she people dying when they came to help and ended up inhaling the gas.

Hussein Kayal, a photographer for the pro-opposition Edlib Media Center (EMC), was reported as saying that he was awoken by the sound of an explosion at about 6:30 in the morning. When he reached the scene, there was no smell, he said. He found people lying on the floor, unable to move and with constricted pupils.

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